How To Make Your New Year's Resolution Stick (5 Simple Tips)

Written by Molly Becker, Director of KetoBars on January 1st 2021

You CAN stick to your resolution. These quick tips will help. 

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We've all been there. January 1st hits and we start our laundry list of resolutions. It's a time for great change and inspiration but also a time for anxiety and stress.

Can I keep this up? What if I don't? Am I a failure? If you've had any of these thoughts or given up on your resolutions early into the year, you're not alone. On average, 80% of New Year's Resolutions fail by the second week of February.

We created a list of 5 simple tips to help you choose a realistic resolution and stick to it. 👇

Tip #1: Start small. 

You will want to start out by making a resolution that you can actually keep. If your goal is to exercise more often, start out by adding one more day a week to your workout plan instead of planning to work out every single day. If you find that this becomes easier, add another day, or more! 

You don't NEED to go full force into your New Years Resolution on January 1st. Starting out with a small, attainable goal and adding to it over time will still help you to reach your ultimate goal and prevent you from getting burned out in the process. 

Tip #2: Avoid repeating past resolutions that didn't work out. 

A lot of us end up making the same resolutions year after year. Unfortunately, once we "fail", we often have lower expectations of ourselves the next time we try to reach that same goal. Maybe the goal just wasn't realistic enough, and that's ok! Instead of trying to follow the same resolution that didn't work out for the past 3 years, pick something new and start small (hint, hint Tip #1!)

However, if you do choose to reach the same goals that you did last year, spend some time evaluating your previous strategies. Think about what worked and what didn't and modify your approach. You will be much more likely to see results this time around!  

Tip #3: Be patient with yourself.

 Remember that change is a process. Unhealthy behaviors take weeks, months, or even years to develop. So, you can't expect to be a completely different person from the start. 

It may take longer than you expect to complete your goal and you may have a few set backs along the way. When those things happen, just remind yourself that it's not a race to the finish line. Once you make the commitment to change a behavior, it may be something that you continue to work on for years to come. 

Tip #4: Keep a resolution journal. 

Keeping a resolution journal is a great way to track your progress and plan out your goal for the new year. For example, if your goal is to lose weight, you can document your weight loss for each week leading up to your final goal.

Each week when you're writing your journal entry, include your successes and struggles for that week. This way you will be able to see what is working for YOU and continue on successfully with your goal. Include reasons WHY you want to reach this goal in the first place to help keep you motivated when things get difficult. 

Tip #5: Have fun! 

Have fun with your New Year's resolution. Making it fun will encourage you to stick with your goal and be successful. For example, if your goal for the new year is to exercise more, don't force yourself to go to the gym everyday if it's not your thing. Incorporate your goal into things that you already love, like hiking, riding your bike, or playing with your kids. 

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