Keto Fast Food Hacks: Tips + What To Order On-The-Go!  

Written by Molly Becker, Director of KetoBars on March 30th 2021

When you first started keto you may have thought that you would be eating 100% clean all 👏  the 👏  time 👏 . But, let's be real for a sec... life happens!

You may be running late for work and don't have time to make yourself breakfast, or you have appointments, meetings, and after school activities with the kids and you forgot to prepare a low carb dinner. So, you stop by the drive-thru! 

Fortunately, there are a ton of keto friendly food options available at the drive-thru! You may just need to make a few modifications. We are here to help you figure out what and how to order at your favorite fast food spots. Keep on reading to find out more! 👇

how to order keto at the drive through

7 Keto Fast Food Tips. 

 1. Stick with meat, veggies, and cheese. These are usually low carb and safe options. 

2.  Always skip the bun or request a substitute, like a lettuce wrap. 

3. Bring your own keto friendly sauces. The ones at fast food restaurants are usually loaded with added sugars. 

4. Check out the nutrition info online first. You may be surprised at the hidden carbs in a lot of fast food meals that seem low carb.  

5. Load up on low carb extras like lettuce, pickles, onions, peppers, cheese, bacon, and mayo. 

6. Skip the dessert. Unfortunately, there aren't many (if any) keto friendly fast food dessert options. 

7. If you want to drink a soda, go for the diet options and double check the carb count. 

Keto Friendly Fast Food Options.

keto friendly fast food sub in a tub
low carb bunless burger fast food meal
keto friendly fast food burrito bowl


​• Lettuce Wrapped Reuben - 6g net carbs.
• Bunless Loaded Italian - 7g net carbs.
• Chopped Side Salad - 3g net carbs. 


• Bunless Bacon King Jr. - 4g net carbs
• Bunless Grilled Chicken Caesar Sandwich - 4g net carbs
• Bundless Breakfast Sandwiches - 1-3g net carbs


• Grilled Chicken Club with Lettuce Wrap - 2g net carbs
• Grilled Nuggets (8) with Buffalo Sauce and Garlic Herb Ranch - 3g net carbs
• Cobb Salad with Grilled Chicken (no corn) - 10g net carbs


• Burrito Bowl with Chicken, Cheese, Sour Cream, and Green Chili Salsa (no rice, beans, or dressing) - 7g net carbs.
• Salad Bowl with Chicken, Guacamole, Pico De Gallo, Sour Cream, and Cheese (no rice, beans, or dressing) - 6g net carbs. 


• Lettuce Wrapped Bacon Cheeseburger (with pickles, mayo, mustard, and grilled mushrooms) - 4g nets carbs. 
• Bunless Bacon Dog (with mustard and onions) - 3g net carbs.


• Jimmy Cubano Unwich - 4g net carbs.
• Beach Club Unwich - 6g net carbs.


• Bunless Double Quarter Pounder With Cheese (no ketchup) - 9g net carbs.
• Bunless Egg McMuffin with a Side Salad - 5g net carbs.
• Bacon Ranch Grilled Chicken Salad - 5g net carbs.


• Chicken Bacon Ranch Salad - 9g net carbs.
• Steak and Cheese Salad - 9g net carbs.

What To Avoid.

non keto friendly fast food options
non keto friendly fast food french fries
non keto friendly fast food dessert

We have shared a ton of great keto friendly options from the drive through. With a few modifications, you can have a delicious, quick meal and still stay in ketosis. But, there are still some things that you want to steer clear of:

1. Bread of any kind: Buns, wraps, toast, croutons, etc. 
2. Anything breaded or fried. 
3. Potatoes: French fries, tater tots, hashbrowns, chips, etc. 
4. Most side dishes like rice, beans, corn, mozzarella sticks, and onion rings.
5. Desserts.
6. Sweet dressings or sauces.
7. Creamy or thick soups - these are usually thickened with flour.
8. Sugary soft drinks, juices, and teas. 

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