Eat Your Heart Out with Our Super Sweet Valentine's Day Keto Charcuterie Board!

Written by Molly Becker, Director of KetoBars on February 4th 2021

Keto Charcuterie Board but make it ROMANTIC! A beautiful Charcuterie Board is always guaranteed to score you points. But, turn it into the shape of a heart and pack in some Keto Bars and you'll be scoring big time. Check out our homemade Valentine's Day Charcuterie Board below, along with 6 helpful tips for creating your own!  

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Tip #1 Choose a great surface.

A great charcuterie board needs proper foundation. But, you don't need to go out and buy a special board, you probably already have something laying around the house that will work PERFECTLY. Wooden cutting boards, serving trays and slate boards are all great choices!

Tip #2 Have a variety of textures & colors. 

 When choosing the foods for your board, you want to have a lot of variety. Make sure that some of the colors pop! Bright reds (strawberries & tomatoes), bright greens (green peppers & herbs). This will help make your board look bright and brilliant!

The same goes with texture, you want to have a lot of variety. Add some foods that are shiny like fruits/ cheeses and some that are rough like nuts. Adding "wet" foods like sauces and dips will add to this variety as well!

Tip #3 Cheese is a necessity. 

You will almost always find cheeses on a charcuterie board, nothing tastes better with cured meats than cheese, right? So, you will want to add cheeses to your board, too. Select a wide variety of cheese textures to add to your board like hard, soft, and crumbled.    

Tip #4 Don't forget to add sweetness. 

A lot of charcuterie board focus mainly on meats and cheeses. We want to add variety in all senses, this includes taste! Adding sweetness to your board will help to balance out all of those salty flavors. Some great sweet options to add to your board would be fruits or chocolate, like KetoBars (wink, wink ). 😉 

Tip #5 Fill in bare spots. 

After placing all of the chosen foods onto your board, you are bound to have a few bare spots here and there. Fill these empty spaces with foods like arugula, fresh herbs, blueberries, and raspberries. This will make your board look nice and tightly packed while providing extra pops of color! 

Tip #6 Slice the cheese and roll the meat. 

If you are offering larger rounds of cheese, cut them into halves or quarters and scatter them over the board. This is both visually appealing and beneficial for your guests, they won't have to wait if someone else is slicing a piece of brie!

Rolling slices of meat adds a nice visual element to your board and shows that you took a lot of time into putting it together. It is also much easier for your guests to grab a piece of rolled prosciutto! 

easy low carb charcuterie board ideas the original ketobars
keto charcuterie platter high fat low carb no sugar added ketobars
high fat low carb no sugar added low carb charcuterie platter ketobars

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