Keto Snacks And Meals You Never Knew 'Publix' Carried

Publix is a regional grocery store with locations across the American South, from Florida all the way up to Virginia. They're a full-service grocery store that offers delivery, curbside pickup, and in-store pickup, as well as in-store shopping.

Since they don't offer shipping, and every store differs, the keto snack items we'll run through for this mega list will likely vary in availability from location to location. But all the ideas we've collected here are a perfect jumping-off point for your keto shopping list if you happen to live in the south! We'll run through some of your options for your low-carb keto meal plan. 

Deli Counter at Publix

The deli section at Publix is filled with a comprehensive selection of Boar's Head brand products. As you likely know by now, meat and cheese (for non-vegan and vegetarian keto dieters) are easy go-to keto-friendly foods that have very few (if any) net carbs and added sugars. The places you need to pay attention to detail to at any deli counter are the lunch meats and the prepped foods.

keto snacks available at publix

If you're searching for lunch meat, steer clear of those labeled with maple or honey glazes to avoid hidden sugars that could kick you out of ketosis. As far as prepped foods go, every store will be different, so we won't list any details here, but make sure you look at the list of ingredients to ensure that you're not getting a veggie salad with sugary dressing or a tuna or chicken salad with fruits or high-carb mix-ins hidden inside. Here's a quick list of the best low-carb options Publix deli has to offer:

#1 Meat

low carb deli meat at Publix

Boar's Head Ovengold® Roasted Turkey Breast
Boar's Head Mortadella with Pistachios
Boar's Head EverRoast® Chicken Breast
Boar's Head Top Round Corned Beef
Boar's Head Lower Sodium Deluxe Ham
Boar's Head Top Round Beef Pastrami
Boar's Head SmokeMaster® Black Forest Ham
Boar's Head London Broil Roast Beef
Boar's Head Delux Roast Beef
Boar's Head Simplicity Lemon Sage Turkey Breast
Boar's Head Hard Salami
Boar's Head Genoa Salami
Boar's Head Mesquite Wood Smoked® Turkey Breast

#2 Cheese

keto friendly cheese options at Publix

Boar's Head Baby Swiss Cheese
Boar's Head Muenster Cheese
Boar's Head Cream Havarti Cheese
Boar's Head Vermont Cheddar Cheese
Boar's Head Colby Jack Cheese
Boar's Head American Cheese (white and yellow)
Boar's Head Provolone Cheese

#3 Produce at Publix

The produce section is a great place to shop to ensure you're getting adequate fiber on the keto diet. When fat is your main source of calories, your digestion can sometimes be a bit funky. So it's important to bulk up your high-fat diet with:

• Leafy greens
• Crucifers like broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, kale, and Brussels sprouts
• Other low-carb sources of fiber like celery root, winter squash (with portion control)
• Summer squash

Publix offers a wide array of the standard vegetable offerings, but they also offer a few other items in this section you might want to check out.

#4 Vegetable Stir Fry

prepped and seasoned veggie mix at publix

This is a mix of veggies already chopped, seasoned, prepped, and ready for microwave cooking. Depending on which Publix you visit, you'll find a variety of options. 

#5 Naoysa Spicy Kimchi

gluten free spiced kimchi at publix

Kimchi is a gluten-free spiced, fermented cabbage product that not only offers a healthy dose of fiber, but also provides digestive support due to its probiotic content. 

Seafood Counter at Publix

Seafood is a reliably keto-friendly, sugar-free source of protein and healthy fats. You don't need to know how to cook a gourmet meal to include the occasional seafood item in your keto recipes. In fact, Publix has fresh, frozen, and cooked seafood options that will give you the widest array of options for your ketogenic diet needs.

#6 Shrimp Cocktail

shrimpy cocktail platter at publix

For this one, you'll get a platter of freshly boiled shrimp, but you might need to make your own cocktail sauce to ensure that you aren't getting any hidden sugars in the sauce. This item comes in small, medium, and large for the perfect appetizer for any crowd. 

#7 Shrimp and Surimi Platter

shrimp and surimi platter at publix

 Watch your portion control with surimi (crab substitute), or bring this platter out with mixed company if you're worried about the carb count

#8 Live Lobster

keto seafood lobster at publix

For a fancy evening at home, splurge on a live lobster and dip it in drawn butter for an extra delicious keto treat. Publix offers a variety of sizes for any appetite.

Grocery and Dairy at Publix

The grocery and dairy sections is where you'll find some of the reliable keto staples like frozen desserts, cream cheesenuts, nut butters, pork rinds, and cheese crisps. Every store is a bit different, but we've found a few items to get excited about.

#9 Primal Kitchen Avocado Mayo

avocado oil mayo primal kitchen

This is the best mayo option because it's made with avocado oil rather than the standard canola or soybean oils of brands like Helman's. Primal Kitchen also makes a few different flavors of their avocado mayo, and Publix carries both the regular and the chipotle flavor. It's a bit on the pricy side, so if you want something less expensive, opt for a blend that includes olive oil and try to steer clear of those.

#10 Panino Fingers

easy fat bomb meat and cheese snack

A quick fat bomb snack, these are mozzarella cheese sticks wrapped in either salami or prosciutto.

#11 Kite Hill Almond Yogurt

dairy free almond based yogurt

Stick with the plain version of this dairy-free almond-based yogurt, and you'll find a well-proportioned keto yogurt. At 13 grams of fat, six grams of protein, and one net carb, you get a big serving size and can be free to add your own keto granola or chopped fresh strawberries for a delightful mid-day treat

#12 Organic Valley Heavy Whipping Cream

organic heavy whipping cream

Heavy cream is a standard for those on the keto diet who can tolerate dairy. Going organic is a good way to ensure that you're minimizing your exposure to the toxins used in big agribusiness, especially since most of those residual chemicals are stored in fat. Organic Valley is a great brand with organic certified quality.

#13 Quijote Cantimpalo Chorizo

mini dry sausage stick keto snack

These mini-dry sausage sticks have a great macro ratio as well. They can be a bit greasy, but they're a delicious easy keto snack with zero carbohydrates

#14 Kiolbassa Polish Smoked Sausage

polish smoked kiolbassa keto snack

This brand of packaged sausage offers a variety of flavors, ready to eat on their own or be added to a stirfry or other mix of veggies.

#15 Real Good Enchiladas

keto frozen enchilada meal

This frozen dinner is a great way to enjoy something that's traditionally not low-carb with only four net carbs per serving.

#16 Vanilla Bean Halo Top

delicious keto friendly vanilla ice cream

We called out the vanilla flavor of the Halo Top brand of ice cream because the net carb content changes by flavor. This one has only six net carbs, and if you want to add your own flavors and control the macros, you're free to do that.

#17 Enlightened Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream

keto friendly mint flavored ice cream

A slightly better option than Halo Top, this erythritol and monk fruit-sweetened ice cream only has four net carbs per serving

#18 Epic Pork Rinds

sea salt and pepper keto pork rind snack

If you're on the keto diet for weight loss, it's good to know that the foods you're eating aren't going to cause inflammation and water retention. So choosing snacks made with humanely raised animals is a good step in that direction. Epic products fit the bill, and pork rinds are a go-to crispy, crunchy low-carb snack that will have you going back for more

#19 Peanut Butter

freshly ground peanut butter

Grabbing a jar of peanut butter isn't as simple as it used to be. So many of the brands we grew up with are now laced with hydrogenated oils and fillers, when all you really need is ground up peanuts and possibly a little salt or oil. Publix carries Smucker's Natural (ingredients are peanuts and salt), their own in-store freshly ground (ingredients are peanuts), Teddie (ingredients are dry roasted peanuts), and Greenwise (an organic option of peanuts and sea salt). Steer clear of the others. 

#20 Nuts and Nut Butters

original almond butter

Nuts and nut butters are a little easier to sift through than peanut butter. Again, you want simple whole food ingredients, and you only want them to be the nut and maybe some salt and oil. We won't list every brand for nut butters because there are quite a few, but here's the page where you'll start your search. And when it comes to plain nuts, stick to the standards: pecans, almonds, macadamia nuts, walnuts, hazel nuts, and Brazil nuts. Avoid any mixes with dried fruits or added sweeteners.  

Grocery Shopping at Publix on the Keto Diet

Publix is a pretty standard grocery store. It doesn't have specialty foods with paleo, gluten-free, or keto options set aside in a special section to make your shopping experience simple. You'll need to bring your food list with you and walk through the whole store to find the hidden gems throughout. While we didn't call out literally every single low-carb diet option you could possibly find within their walls, we have confidence that you'll find what you're looking for here.

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Published: February 2, 2021



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