Create Your Own Keto Bars Bites!


Keto Bars Bites!

Everyone loves bite sized snacks. They are quick, convenient, and you don't feel too bad after having a few extra 😉. Since our bars aren't exactly "bite sized", we decided to show you how you can make some Keto Bars Bites at home. Grab some cookie cutters and lets get started! 👇

How to create Keto Bars Bites:

It's VERY simple!

1 . Grab some cookie cutters and cut your Keto Bars into whatever shape you'd like.
2. Add some of your favorite keto toppings.

Topping Suggestions: 

• Low Carb Berries
• Almonds
• Cream Cheese
• Shredded Coconut
• You're Favorite Nut Butter
• Whipped Cream
• Extra Chocolate :)

Try adding some low carb ice cream to your Keto Bars Bites to create mini ice cream sandwiches.
dip them in some low carb yogurt and freeze for a cold keto treat, or enjoy them as a side for your morning coffee.

The snack possibilities are endless!

Did you give Keto Bars Bites a try? We would love to see your creations! Tag us on social @ketobars

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