"I remind myself 'evolve or repeat' regularly. I can evolve and push through those hard days or I can allow myself to repeat my past and end up back where I started"

Erin (@keto_bear_) has been keto for 1.5 years and is down 90+ pounds! She tried losing weight before but couldn't find a diet plan that was sustainable for her, until she came across the keto diet. She was determined to stick to the keto diet and get herself healthy. 

Starting a new diet can certainly be a challenge. Erin fell off the wagon a few times in the beginning, and still does from time to time now. But, she always gets right back to her keto diet the next day and doesn't let a few slip ups get her down! 

Learn more about Erin's keto journey below. 👇 

keto transformation before and after success story
homemade keto friendly chocolate chip pancakes
Keto diet transformation before and after

Q1How did you feel when you first started keto?

Not very hopeful because I had tried and failed so many times at losing weight. But I knew I couldn’t give up again. I needed to just keep getting back on that horse and so, as hopeless as I felt, I also had a lot of determination!

Q2Were there any times that you wanted to quit? What did you do to stay motivated when it got hard?

Totally! I fell off the wagon a lot in the beginning. I still do! But especially in those first couple months. But I would make sure to jump right back into it the next day and not let it keep me down. I remind myself “evolve or repeat” regularly. I can evolve and push through those hard days or I can allow myself to repeat my past and end up back where I started. Every day is a choice.

Q3What advice would you give to someone who is just starting keto?

Just take things a day at a time and celebrate every small victory and milestone. Don’t get caught up in dwelling on how much left you have lose/achieve. Get through today, and worry about tomorrow tomorrow.

Q4What is your favorite way to stay active?

My kids keep me pretty active and we go on lots of walks and do lots of outdoor activities. I am actually currently starting to get a sort of workout routine going. That’s something I’ve never really stuck to but I’m really wanting to find something that I enjoy and can keep up!

Q5What are your go-to keto recipes?

I’m a big breakfast lover so lots of my OMADs are a giant plate of eggs, a breakfast meat of some kind, some cheese and maybe a slice or low-carb bread or a tortilla. My go-to meals besides that are taco salad, Cobb salads, a tasty meat with a veggie side, mini charcuterie plates, keto pizza, bun less burgers or a good low carb stew or soup.

Q6What is your favorite Keto Bars product and flavor?

Mint Chocolate KetoBars! 

Q7What book have you reads that's had a positive impact on your life?

Honestly, I don’t read much these days with my 2 small children. But I love finding keto podcasts and YouTubers! That way I can listen and get educated as I do dishes or laundry or whatever. Some of my favorite keto educators are Thomas Delauer, Keto Connect, Dr Berg and Dr Berry!

Written by Molly Becker, Director of KetoBars on March 16th, 2021

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