Autumn's Keto Success Story

"It was pretty hard to not have things like fruit and pizza but I quickly learned that I have a TON of keto-friendly favorites that make it all worth it"

Written by Molly Becker, Director of KetoBars on February 8th, 2021

Autumn (aka @restingketoface on Instagram) began her journey in April of 2018. Autumn lost weight on keto, but that wasn't her #1 goal. Rather, she was on a mission to improve her migraines, reduce inflammation and improve her digestion. She succeeded.

These days, Autumn is feeling great and plans on continuing her keto journey. Find out how Autumn stays motivated, what her favorite keto meals are, and MORE below. 👇

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Q1How did you feel when you first started keto?

It was pretty hard to not have things like fruit and pizza but I quickly learned that I have a ton of keto-friendly favorites that make it all worth it. My tastes have definitely changed.

Q2Were there any times that you wanted to quit? What did you do to stay motivated when it got hard?

Nope! I've gone off-plan a couple of times on cruises to try foods from other countries but I've always wanted to return to keto! :)

Q3What advice would you give to someone who is just starting keto?

Drink plenty of water, focus on your favorite keto-friendly foods, don't be afraid to try new things (your tastes will probably change a little!) and just breathe :) You can do this!

Q4What is your favorite way to stay active?

I've fallen in love with distance running because it helps me tune out the things that stress me out. It's hard to be stressed when you just have to focus on breathing and putting one foot in front of the other. I'm also learning how to do upper body strength like pushups and pull-ups

Q5What are your go-to keto recipes?

Simple meals with a meat/veggie are my jam. I like ribeyes and brussels sprouts, sausage and cabbage, carnitas salads, and charcuterie the most

Q6What is your favorite Keto Bars product and flavor?

Chocolate Covered Strawberry Keto Bars!

Q7What book have you reads that's had a positive impact on your life?

Anything by Malcolm Gladwell. He speaks directly to my soul and helps me put complicated things into perspective.



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