21 Keto Snacks Walmart Has To Offer

These days, everyone is jumping on the keto train. The ketogenic diet is more popular than ever, and with the holiday season right around the corner, you can count on some unwanted carbs coming through your door.

One of the benefits of the growing popularity of the keto diet is that even the biggest grocery stores and national brands are starting to catch on, offering all sorts of keto-friendly food options. Walmart now sells keto snacks from SlimFast, Atkins, Quest, and more.

Of course, the healthy keto standbys in your produce and refrigerated sections—like fresh avocado, mozzarella sticks, cheddar cheese sticks, dill pickles, and all the low-carb veggies—should be at the top of your shopping list for every run to the grocery store. But if you're looking for quick, shelf-stable snacks, this mega list of keto options is for you.

We've compiled a list of our favorite sugar-free/low-sugar, low-carb keto snack ideas that you'll be able to find both online and in-stores at Walmart. Obviously, not every store will carry every single thing or be fully stocked the day you walk in, but you can count on these brands and these options as you go on the hunt for the best keto snacks at Walmart.

Quest Brand Snacks and Desserts

Quest offers a variety of snacks that are filled with fiber and protein, giving you low net carbs in every bite. They offer healthy keto replacements for potato chips, tortilla chips, cookies, shakes, and snack bars. At Walmart, you can really dig into the variety, including the following:

keto friendly protein snack bars

These bars come in upwards of 20 different flavors! They also range in what types of sweeteners (stevia and sucralose mostly) are used and can act as either a snack or meal replacement.

ready made low carb protein shakes

Both ready-made and in powder form for you to mix yourself. Ready-made flavors include Vanilla, Chocolate, and Salted Caramel. And the powder mix flavors come in seven different flavors.

Atkins Brand Snacks and Desserts

Where low-carb weight loss plan got it's start, Atkins Brand snacks will hit your high-fat, low-carb macros in each delicious bite. They offer gluten-free options and indulgent treats that will leave you with a satisfied sweet tooth without kicking you out of ketosis.

keto friendly chocolate snack options

These include a variety of options that stand up to conventional candy in a major way. Whether you want chocolate peanut butter cup fat bombs, chocolate-covered peanuts, shredded coconut clusters, peppermint patties or caramel turtles, Atkins has you covered. Check out the whole Endulge line of options.

SlimFast Keto Shakes and Treats

One of the earliest diet food brands is still around and ever-evolving. SlimFast is now offering keto foods for those looking to lose weight or for those with diabetes looking for a sweet treat with no added sugar. Add their keto-friendly snacks to your shopping list, and you'll be all set for your weekly meal plan.

creamy milk chocolate keto meal shakes

These come in a number of flavors and focus on nutrition, energy, and high protein. Check out all the options.

tangy orange fat bomb shot

(On The Go Snacks) in Tangy Orange Crème and Salted Caramel Crème.

Salty Keto Snacks at Walmart

With all the sweetness in the brands we've already listed, it's important to balance it out with savory options to avoid sending your sweet tooth into overdrive and leaving your craving more. Here are some favorites.

parmesan cheese crisp snack packs

Perfectly portioned in a snack pack of six pouches.

Buy them here.

UTZ pork rind barrell

In an 18oz barrel, perfect for a party snack.

Buy them here.

crunchy pork rind variety snack packs

So you can grab your favorite on-the-go salty flavor.

Buy them here.

crunchy and keto friendly pork rind snacks

In case you're craving even more crunch than a regular pork rind will provide.

Buy them here.

pistachio lovers keto friendly nut mix

For a rich variety of nuts to fill your belly between meals. Just don't overdo it as some nuts are higher in net carb count.

Buy them here.

wild boar kangaroo and alligator jerky snacks

Flavors include: Shark, Kangaroo, Alligator, and Wild Boar Jerky.
For your more adventurous keto eaters.

grass fed low carb beef stick snacks

‍Beef Jerky and Turkey Jerky.
Sticks for a jaw-friendly jerky stick.

zero sugar jack links beef jerky

‍With 15 grams of protein in every serving.

Buy them here.

vegan and keto friendly coconut jerky snack

‍For those who want a meat-free, vegan keto-friendly snack. This one comes in three flavors.

Buy them here.

Easy Keto Snacks

Easy can take you a long way when it comes to a weight loss plan. But it won't get you the whole way there. This snack list won't replace healthy keto recipes cooked at home filled with high-fiber veggies, lean proteins, and healthy fats. Snack foods like string cheese, pepperoni, and pork rinds, can work in a pinch but shouldn't be go-to, everyday foods.

As you make do your weekly shopping, make sure your grocery list consists mostly of what's on the perimeter of the store, and then head to the middle for these indulgences as a reward a few times a week.

Toni Sicola
Toni is a wellness professional with a Master's in Integrative Health, is passionate about spreading health, happiness, and personal fulfillment to as many people as possible. She has a professional background in health and wellness, dietary supplements, and nutrition, and embarks every day to live a well, balanced, happy life.

Published: February 2, 2021

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Keto Myths That Make You Squeak


Written by Tony Berardo on April 29th, 2022 

Starting a new fitness program or changing your eating habits can be intimidating and confusing.

For decades we’ve been told that certain foods are bad for us. However, as more research is done, it turns out that some of those foods, like fat, could actually be very beneficial.

The goal of a ketogenic, or keto, diet is to get more of your calories from protein and fat than carbohydrates. This makes sense since we all know that carbohydrates from sugar, soda and pastries are not ideal for daily consumption. 


You’ve probably noticed that you feel different after you eat these foods. Think about how you feel after eating a bunch of bread before your appetizers or a nice slice of cheesecake after your meal.

Just as not all carbs are bad, neither are all fats and sugar. 

If you think a keto diet might be right for you, it’s important to distinguish the facts from the myths in order to achieve the best results and make your experience as stress free as possible.


As you would expect when eliminating certain foods from your diet, especially carbs, you will notice some weight loss. However, that is not the only change you will experience while on a keto diet. Following a proper keto diet has been shown to support overall metabolic health, body composition and improved cognitive function.

But can you gain weight while on the keto diet? As with any diet, weight gain is a possibility if the diet is not followed correctly. With a keto diet, weight gain could happen if you are not actually in a state of ketosis. If someone is following a diet and their caloric intake is less than their needs, they may lose weight over time. If their caloric intake is more than their needs, they may gain weight over time, even if the calories come from fat or protein. 

This is why a ketogenic diet takes research and planning to ensure all the necessary steps are taken to achieve optimum results. 


This is probably the most common myth. Although research has shown that some fats are very beneficial for a healthy lifestyle, it doesn’t mean that you should eat as much fat as you want. There is a difference between saturated and unsaturated fats, with unsaturated fats being the preferred type for a keto diet. On a keto diet, 75% of your daily calories should come from these unsaturated fat sources. Some good examples of those fats are nuts, fatty fish, eggs and avocado.


Although beer and wine are generally full of carbohydrates, there are other options, like dry wines, light beers and most liquors, if you wish to indulge. Just watch out for those mixers and chasers! You may notice that your tolerance to alcohol changes, so always be sure to drink responsibly. 


This is another common myth. As stated earlier, close to 75% of your daily calories should be coming from fat, not protein, which should only account for 20% of your caloric intake, with carbohydrates contributing the remaining 5%. If you’re having trouble meeting your fat, carb and protein goals, supplementation could be an easy way to stay keto-friendly.  Whether you’re in between meals or hungry after a workout, Keto Bars has some delicious and filling Keto Bars and foods that will help keep you on track. 


Although studies suggest women could be more sensitive to dietary changes than men, women can still safely follow a keto diet as long as they do so carefully.

It’s recommended that women focus on eating a clean, alkaline diet in addition to following a keto diet. This means that they should eat more non-starchy vegetables to ensure they are getting plenty of electrolytes and nutrients.

Of course, this advice should always be used while listening to your body. If you’re switching up your diet, your body will tell you if something is wrong. When starting a new diet, be sure to keep a food journal or download a meal tracking app on your phone so you can easily identify what bothers you if you have any issues. 


When you first start a keto diet, it may seem like you’re eating less food. The nutrients in your food are what really matter. A decrease in your carb intake will make it feel like you are eating less in the beginning, but that is normal. You won’t be eating less food, just fewer carbs! A keto diet allows you to be more aware of the types of nutrients you consume.


Quite the opposite is true. When first starting a keto diet, most people just focus on reading labels and trying to figure it out all on their own. The addition of supplements, protein bars, shakes and healthy snacks into your diet of whole foods like fruits, veggies and meats can make eating keto delicious and healthy.

There are many more myths about keto out there, but it is important to remember that like people, not all diets are created equal. However, when combined with exercise and patience, a keto diet could be the key to reaching your overall fitness goals.

For more help on reaching your goals and keto advice, follow our blog at https://www.ketobars.com/blogs

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