Behind The Scenes: Keto Bars Photo Shoot

Behind The Scenes: Keto Bars Photo Shoot

October 24, 2018


Friends, before we dive into the photo shoot details I feel that I need to show you a quick timeline of our company (see below). 

Why is this important you ask? Because Keto Bars has been around since 2012 and only ONE month ago and we released official branding with a real logo. You may be thinking 'Hmm isn't that what a company should do right away?' The answer is - probably. But that wasn't our focus. For the past 6 years we have been 100% focused on inventing delicious keto bar recipes (that had perfect macros), and keeping our heads above water in the kitchen. #startuplife

Now that Keto Bars has grown (and there are plans of retail sales) we realized we need to distinguish a real look. The process wasn't quick. It was very important that our branding was a reflection of our personality and our product: natural, simple, and fun.

We released our new branding on our website and social sites last month. And now, we're so excited to announce that our new branding will be featured on our bars! 


We hope you enjoy a little behind the scenes action, as well as some of the final shots!

Dax, the cat, made for a top notch assistant.

Our 3 Keto Bars flavors!

Gangs all here.

This is actually a really fun GIF but you'll need to start following us on Instagram to see those :)


Full disclosure, we're calling this label 'Phase 2'. The branding is here to stay but the labels will soon change again. In the next couple of months we will be moving towards more traditional packaging. No more vacuum seal, and no more clear wrapper! Keep an eye out for another big change as we get closer to the new year.



Keto Bars: The original high fat, low carb, keto diet bar. No sugar added. 

3 delicious flavors. Gluten free, vegan, home-made taste without any of the work!

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