COVID-19 + Keto Bars

We're here for you.

What safety precautions are in place?

We have always taken extreme measures when it comes to food safety guidelines. We are following all CDC guidelines and we've added extra steps to assure that your delivery arrives safely. We do all of our own manufacturing and fulfillment, so we have full control over the situation.

Are orders still shipping?

Yep! We do all of our fulfillment in-house. Our team member, Garrett, is working hard to get all of your orders out on time. We are currently shipping orders at our regular, quick, ship time. When you place an order expect it to take one business day to process and between 1-3 days to arrive at your doorstep. We're working fast, so your order could even ship the same day you place your order.

Are subscriptions still shipping?

Subscriptions are shipping as they usually would. We do not foresee any problems with shipping any order, including subscriptions, in the near future. Reminder: Subscribers save 10% on all orders.

What is the shelf life of Keto Bars?

Keto Bars are meant to last. We recommend consuming them within 1 year of the manufacturing date. Each bar will have its own 'best by' date on the wrapper. Storing your bars in the fridge will extend their shelf life and storing them in the freezer will double it! Plus, they're delicious cold. 

What is the refund policy?

We offer a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee on your first order. If you are not satisfied, email us at and we'll make it right. Orders must have been placed within the last 30 days to be eligible for a refund. View our full refund policy here.

We thank you for the support we've received over the years, and through this difficult time. We're a small team, and it means so much to each and every one of us. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to reach out. You can shoot us an email at anytime. We respond very quickly. Stay safe, stay calm, stay keto. 

Peace + Love,
The Keto Bars Team



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