The Great Keto Debate!

Hot topic! We would say that it is totally dependent on how you’re calculating your Net Carbs. Following keto tradition, you can find the Net Carb count of something by subtracting the fiber and any sugar alcohols that do not spike your blood sugar (like Erythritol) from the Total Carb count.

Where it gets tricky, and why we see people counting Total Carbs is because there a lot of pre-packaged keto products with a laundry of list of ingredients that you can’t pronounce. You don’t know what half of these ingredients are but yet, you’re being told to subract them from the Total Carb count. Seems fishy.

This is why it’s so important to read ingredient labels and do some research on all of the sugar substitutes and fiber syrups you see.

In general, the more simple the ingredient list, the easier it is to understand what can and cannot be subtracted. That’s a huge reason why we keep our lists to a minimum. We want you to know exactly what’s going in our bars and into your body.

We do not ADD any fiber to our bars, our fiber comes from the whole foods only. Real fiber can safely be subtracted. We also use Erythritol to sweeten our bars. Erythritol has no affect on your blood sugar, so that can be subtracted.

To wrap it up, we’re on team Net Carbs but only if you know exactly how those are calculated. But, if you’re on team Total Carbs - we understand. Better safe than sorry can be a great motto to live by.

Fun Fact: Europe ONLY counts Net Carbs on their ingredient labels. They don’t mess around with Total Carbs.   



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