6 Tips For the Smartest Way to Shop

As the pandemic continues, many consumers have turned to Online Shopping for every item that they need. The largest Online Retailer, Amazon, has experienced an enormous surge in shoppers and is nearing its breaking point.

You may have noticed that many items are out of stock or have long ship times. 

We love that we are able to sell on Amazon. We know it can make life easier for you, and that is one of our top priorities. BUT, you may not be aware of the many benefits you receive from ordering directly through our website. It's pretty incredible.

Take a look! 

1. Faster ship times.

It's true. Especially right now. Amazon used to guarantee 2-day delivery for Prime members. Due to the pandemic, that guarantee has gone out the window for most products.

We are shipping faster than ever. You can expect your order to arrive 1-3 business days after you place your order.

2. Save Money!

A lot of people think that they're getting a deal on Amazon because shipping is included. Often, that shipping cost is just built into the price. On, we offer FREE Shipping on 2 boxes or more. That means that 2 boxes from Amazon will cost you $59.90 but it will only cost you $49.90 on That's a saving of $10!

We also offer special Discounts and Rewards for shopping directly with us. Including our Subscription Program which guarantees you 10% off of every order!

3. Excellent Customer Care.

We pride ourselves on our customer care. We're a small team that works around the clock. We typically reply to a customer message, whether it's by email, Instagram, or Facebook in minutes. We'll never leave you hangin'.

4. We accept returns.

Our product is listed as a 'Grocery Item' on Amazon and 'Grocery Items' cannot be returned or refunded. That is their policy, not ours. On, we are happy to accept returns.

5. The freshest product.

We make all of our bars in-house (not many companies do this by the way). So, when you order from you are receiving the bars directly from our bakery. When you order from Amazon, they are being shipped from their warehouse. Amazon requires that you ship them months' worth of inventory in advance. For this reason, it might not always be the freshest product. 

6. Support Small Business.

We are thrilled to be able to sell on Amazon. We know it can make life easier for you, which is our top priority. However, Amazon takes a large percentage of the profit, which is why prices are often a bit higher on Amazon. To stay competitive, companies reduce their price as much as possible but losing these profits can crumble any small business. So if you can swing it, you will do yourself and our company a favor by ordering directly from us. 

Wishing you all the best,

Molly & The KB Team

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