Keto Bars 5 Ways!

Keto Bars are a 10/10 on their own but, did you know that there’s a TON of different ways to spice them up and make them extra special? We put together some of our favorite ideas below – and most of them will only take a few minutes!

Keto Bars + your fave Low Carb Ice Cream

Brownies and ice cream are an all-time favorite dessert. You can still have that delicious combo on the keto diet! Simply add your favorite Keto Bar flavor to some low carb ice cream.

PRO TIP: Warm up your Keto Bar in the microwave for 5-10 seconds to get that
ooey-gooey “right out of the oven” brownie texture!

Keto Bars + Cream Cheese

The combination of rich dark chocolate and cream cheese is unmatched! Spread your cream cheese over a Keto Bar - or, stack it up, like a Keto Bar and cream cheese sandwich! Trust us on this one. It's insanely good.

Keto Bars + Low Carb Yogurt

There are many benefits to yogurt (gut health!) but, it can be a bit bland on its own and honestly, it's not very filling. Crumble any of our Keto Bars flavors on top and you’ve got yourself an exciting low carb, high fat parfait!

Keto Bars + your fave Nut Butter

We make and add homemade nut butters to all of our bars but you can't go wrong smear'ing some more on top. Delish.

What's your favorite way to enjoy your Keto Bars?
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