Keto Bars Mini Sampler Pack. 4 Bars for $10.

KetoBars Mini Sampler Pack

For a limited time, try 1 of each flavor. 

4 Keto Bars : 1 Chocolate Peanut Butter, 1 Chocolate Covered Strawberry, 1 Mint Chocolate, and 1 Dark Chocolate Coconut Almond.

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We have high standards.

We pride ourselves on creating a low carb bar that you can trust. That means only using the most simple ingredients we can find. Our bars have a very short list of ingredients and you will recognize every single one.

The closest thing to homemade. 

Our bars taste homemade because they are - by us! We make all of our bars in-house, in small batches. Why is this better? Because we have full quality control. We know that every bar is made just how we want it. 

Stay full for hours.

Did you ever notice that regular protein bars leave you feeling hungry shortly after they're consumed? Not the case here. Keto Bars are packed with healthy fat (up to 21g) which leave you feeling full and energized for hours.

Unlike any low carb bar you've had.

Our bars are like a mix between a no-bake cookie and fudge brownie. A lot of other bars are chalky or chewy, this is because they add fiber syrups or protein powder. We don't do that. All of our fiber and protein come from whole foods.

Why we made
Keto Bars.

Our founder, Jon, is our original customer. On his journey of losing over 70 pounds, he created the very first keto bar (for himself) back in 2014. His goal was to make a delicious on-the-go keto product, using simple ingredients, that the keto community could trust. 

Our operation has long left Jon's kitchen but we still make all of the bars ourselves, in small batches, with the same simple ingredients that keto dieters want and appreciate.




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