VIP Rewards

We launched our VIP Rewards program because we want to make sure our customers know how much we appreciate them. You can earn points for making a purchase, referring a friend, celebrating a birthday, sharing on social media and more! Once you earn enough points to receive a reward, you can use that reward like cash at checkout. How cool is that?

Ways To Earn

Sign Up For Rewards = 100 Points
Like on Facebook = 50 Points
Share on Facebook = 50 Points
Follow on Twitter = 50 Points
Share on Twitter = 50 Points
Follow on Instagram = 50 Points
Place An Order = 4 Points for Every 1 Dollar Spent
Celebrate A Birthday = 200 Points

Ways To Spend

15% Off Coupon = 350 Points
Order Discount = 100 Points equals $1 
5% Off Your Subscription = 500 KB Points


Send your friends a $5 Keto Bars Gift Card and if they place an order, you get a $5 Keto Bars Gift Card, too!  

How Do I Sign Up?

• Joining our rewards program is very easy. All you need to do is head to the KB Rewards Pop Up on the bottom right hand side of your screen (it's green). If you're on your phone, it will look like sunglasses. 
• If you do not have a account you will click 'Join Now' and create one. If you already have a account, all you need to do is sign in with that same information.
• Once you're signed up, we will email you any time you earn a new point or a new reward. No need to keep track yourself, we got you covered. 





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