Affiliate Program

Affiliate Program

Hey Keto Fam!

Do you love spreading the word about the ketogenic and low carb lifestyle as much we do? If so, we should totally team up! Become a Keto Bars affiliate and turn your love for keto into some extra cash. 


What is the Keto Bar Affiliate Program?

Being a Keto Bars affiliate means that you are partnering with us to help promote our products.


How does it work?

We'll provide you with referral links, professional banner ads, and social media graphics to share on your website, blog or social media pages. This content will direct your audience to and you will earn a % of commission for every sale you generate. (PayPal account required).


How can I get approved to become an affiliate?

You will need to apply to become an affiliate via the link below. Affiliate spots are limited and approval is based on your following. We look for individuals that own a keto/low carb blog, Facebook group, or engaged Instagram following. Having a social media platform is a must. We do not tolerate spam. Once you apply, we will review your application to make sure we're a good fit.


Keto Bars are made with love and the exact type of ingredients that Ketogenic dieters are looking for. Let's spread the love and help others on their keto journey.

Note: Affiliate accounts will be deactivated after 60 days if they remain dormant.


Apply to become an affiliate here.








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