Here at Keto Bars, we'd like to imagine a world where all people understand nutrition and have the power to take control. Where our standards don’t come from lobbyists, fads, or unbacked research. And where we trade conventional wisdom and the status quo for real science and real success.

When it comes to dieting, the ketogenic diet isn’t another question, it’s an answer. Through a daily caloric intake high in fat, moderate in protein, and low in carbohydrates, people all over the world have come one step closer to their natural body weight and better health.

We make Keto Bars with a lot love and with the exact types of ingredients that ketogenic dieters are looking for. Out with junk ingredients, in with ingredients like dark chocolate, peanuts, raw coconut, heavy cream, and butter.





We currently have two different flavors: Dark Chocolate Coconut and Chocolate Peanut Butter. 

Dark Chocolate Coconut tastes just as described. We use completely unsweetened baking chocolate and sweeten it up with coconut, stevia, and erythritol. Low carbers and keto dieters have already shed their life of most sugar, so we’re not trying to reintroduce it. If you like dark chocolate and coconut, you’ll like this flavor. If you’re hoping someone finally developed a low carb bar that tastes like a Snickers…well then keep on looking :)

By popular demand, our newest flavor is Chocolate Peanut Butter. Who doesn't love that combination? We use real peanuts, not artificial flavors, so they actually taste like real food. Salty sweet anyone?

We take a ton of pride in the fact that we're making these with love, from quality ingredients, for people that really care about their diet. We sincerely hope that you enjoy them and that they can be a small piece in your dieting and lifestyle success!