Written By Molly Becker - May 17 2017


March 01 2018

I somehow missed the answer to Tamme’s question above (from 9 months ago) and I have the same question.

I’m looking for your product on Amazon and can’t find it. Are you going to be selling on Amazon? There are a lot of keto-oriented food products on Amazon; one would think you’d want to be in that marketplace.


Glen Davis
May 29 2017

My wife and I are two weeks into Ketosis, with very good results in weight, how we feel, and also enjoying the experience of rarely being hungry. A friend gave us two Keto Bars last night. We shared one of them today, and the best review I can give is that we very much look forward to the next. Excellent in flavor, texture, and satisfaction. I’m very sensitive to the usual aftertaste of non-sugar sweeteners, and I can honestly say that the Keto Bar bore none of that. Well done, Keto Bar folks!

May 28 2017

I was wondering how strong the coconut is and if the consistency is of the shredded kind? I am not a huge fan of coconut, but I love the concept of these!

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